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Scan to BIM Services

We provide Scan to BIM services and assist 3D laser scanning companies, design build contractors working on retrofitting of any building structure.

We use our point cloud modelling service to build precise models for as-built devotions as well as for refurbishment, renovation and retrofit projects. We normally combine Scan to BIM models for existing buildings with models for new or renovated building areas.

Our BIM models are prepared in Revit MEP and Revit Architecture; however the procedure of receiving a model from laser point cloud data to Revit is where our sheer knowledge of excellence and capability lies. Serving across UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Middle East, we have left the unmatched mark in our accurate and error-free BIM deliveries.

We are fortunate enough to have worked with retailers, main contractors and architects for several Scan to BIM projects. We have a well-organized team of licensed architects, professionals, land surveyors and certified Scan technician who have delivered excellent quality as-built surveys using Scan to BIM services.

Our Scan to BIM services include

Our precision and interpretation of data used to create 3D BIM models are applauded by our clients who have found a long-term trustworthy partner in us. Retrofitting revolution has gained quite coverage in construction industry in sometime. With increase in more retrofitting projects, demand for Scan to BIM has increased equally.

With help of latest tools we convert point cloud and laser survey data into refined 3D BIM models. We have specialization and also delivered BIM solutions for infrastructure projects such as Airports, Rail, Bridges & Dam, Tunnel, Ports etc. Serving across UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Middle-East., we have left an unmatched mark through our accurate and error-free BIM deliveries.

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We Deliver a Deeper Level of BIM Solutions for a Higher Level of Building Design & Construction Firm.

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