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We collaborate with hotel owners, builders, and contractors to enhance building design and development process to efficiently meet luxury, guest comfort and maintenance challenges.

We predominantly provide 3D CAD and BIM solutions for hotel building projects and improve collaboration between architects, structural engineers, and construction professionals. From LOD 100 to LOD 500, we create BIM models that answer all the queries of every stakeholder regarding the development of and extract quantities of materials at any phase of the building construction project.

Our BIM expertise enhances collaboration between architects, engineers and construction professionals by delivering intelligent BIM 3D models. Through clash detection and BIM implementation support, we provide assistance in design, construction, facility maintenance, energy and operational cost estimation. To correlate design requirements and ethos of your hotel aspirations, we simplify our workflow and 3D BIM expertise to support your responsive designs.

We are USGBC member and by extending building energy modeling services & LEED consulting services, we enable our clients to build energy efficient green building designs.

We are expert and experienced in managing projects that require Point-cloud to BIM, to retrofit excising building design. We have successfully delivered architectural and construction design support to hotel construction projects across UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Middle East.


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We Deliver a Deeper Level of BIM Solutions for a Higher Level of Building Design & Construction Firm.

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