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Revit Family Creation Services

BIM 4D Services is India’s leading cornerstone offering great quality Revit Family Creation services. The service is offered to Global Architecture, Engineers, Construction (AEC) and Real Estate industry. The sector of operation includes Contractors - be it General, Mechanical, or Electrical, Architects and Engineers.

A perfect 3D Model representation is a great Revit Family Creation services which helps in analytical and estimation process. Revit Family Creation displays the parameter of actual equipment & imperative geometrical components of boilers, windows, table, chairs, walls etc. through graphics. They are represented in such a manner that their nooks, corners and every inch & breadth can be viewed and imagined.

Revit Family Creation

Revit Family Creation Solutions:

  • Simple 2D Family Creation
  • Structure Family Creation
  • Architecture Family Creation
  • Structural Components
  • Building System Components
  • Partitions, Walls, Windows and Doors
  • Related Custom and Supporting Content
  • MEP Family Creation
  • Autodesk Revit Services
  • System Families Service
  • Specific Family Services
  • Fixed/ Usual Family Service
  • Testing Family Services

A great precision of work is geometrically represented in perfect parameters at BIM 4D Services through Autodesk Revit that makes use of 3D Modeling. Revit Family includes content in 3D and 2D Revit, 3D drawings & 3Ds Max file formats. Creating families in Revit is done with 2 methods - System Families or Standard Families.

System Families: These consist of limited sets of types like walls, roofs, ceiling, stairs, railings, ramps, mullions, curtain panels and topography surfaces. Some pre-defined types are utilized for the creation of these families in the context of each project. These families have various creation methods that are specific to the type of family. You can create new types of system families by duplicating existing types and editing their parameters.

Standard Families: These are created outside project environment using family editor. They are stored in an external library and can be loaded into project at any point. Every standard family belongs to a specific Revit category so that when it's loaded into a project, it adopts the graphic rules defined for its category. This guaranties graphic consistency throughout your project. Standard families have their own file format extension (.rfa) and can be stored outside the project environment for later use in other projects.

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Software We Use: Building Design Suite (BDS), Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks

Where System families cover basic project components like table, chair etc., and specific family service covers families for a single or specific project. For standard revit families that are commonly created, we provide Usual family service and to test the creation before finalization, we use BIM 4D services' Testing service. We have provided Revit Family creation services for many HVAC contractors and have years of experience for the same.